Brandon Stein Law: But what about my car?

Brandon Stein

By: Brandon Stein

If you or someone you know was injured, contact our Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers today.

For Aventura car accident lawyers, a key component to a claim against the auto insurance company is the amount of bodily injury coverage under the other driver’s policy. While that is extremely important in obtaining compensation for the pain and suffering and injuries sustained as a result of the automobile negligence, that should be more of a focus for the Florida lawyer, rather than the client.  While South Florida car accident lawyers frequently get wrapped up in the personal injury side of the crash, the client also must often deal with the repair of their vehicle.

Anyone who owns a car understands the stress of obtaining insurance coverage and dealing with the insurance company to determine which policy is best suited for your needs.  And during that meeting with the insurance representative, a boat-load of information is thrown at you from every angle — whether it be bodily injury coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, property damage coverage, or collision coverage.  While Fort Myers car accident lawyers may only stress the importance of bodily injury and uninsured motorist, coverage for the property loss to your vehicle should certainly not go unnoticed.

If you happen to be injured in a car accident in Cape Coral and retain a personal injury lawyer, then you must be mindful of property damage and collision coverage.  While those two appear to be one in the same, the nature of their coverage is completely different. Collision coverage is designed and in place to pay for damage incurred to the insured’s vehicle. However, property damage coverage is designed to cover losses for the other party’s vehicle.  Based upon my experience in Naples as a car accident lawyer, I would stress that collision coverage should always be included when deciding which type of auto insurance to obtain.

As shocking as this revelation may seem coming from a North Miami car accident attorney, when looking to obtain recovery for property loss, it may not be in the client’s best interest to have their lawyer become involved in the recovery of collision coverage.  Simply put, the moment a lawyer gets involved — a fee is involved as well.  So as it relates to recovery for collision, I frequently suggest that the client contact their insurance company directly to obtain compensation under that provision of their auto policy.

Essentially, under collision coverage, the client’s insurance company will assess the damage to the car, and based upon that evaluation, will typically issue a check for that amount to pay for the repairs.  Yet, the assessment does not take into account any attorney fee.

So, if an attorney does work to recover for the property loss, then the amount needed to repair the vehicle would be reduced to pay for the legal fee.  Therefore, money would have to come out of your pocket to cover the remaining cost of the car repair.  Long story short, it is vital for clients to take this matter into their own hands and at least attempt to recover for collision on their own — without getting lawyers involved.