Brandon Stein Law: A Client You Can’t Trust is a Client You Can’t Afford

By: Brandon Stein

If you or someone you know was injured in a car accident or trip and fall, contact our North Miami lawyers today.

For North Miami Beach injury lawyers that sue for slip and falls and car accidents, an unfaithful client can diminish the value of the case exponentially.  A client that you cannot trust is a client that you cannot afford to represent.  And clients that lie and fail to disclose pre-existing personal injuries to their Florida lawyers do irreparable damage to their trip and fall or car accident cases.

Sadly, certain clients place Aventura car accident lawyers in bad positions by not disclosing prior injuries.  For example, if a person slips and falls and suffers injury to her back and retains a South Florida lawyer, the expectation is that given the attorney-client relationship, every single detail will be disclosed.  This is often times not the case since some, but not all, injured clients try to “work the system” and only convey information to their Florida lawyer that will help their case. The reason lawyers are hired is because clients have no experience in slip and fall or car accident cases — thus they too have no experience deciphering important information from non-important information.

As a Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer, based upon the hundreds of slip and fall and car accident cases that I have handled, the most common piece of information held back by a client is the fact that he or she has suffered injury to the same part of the body in the past.  Unless the case gets settled very quickly, this withheld information will come out sooner or later.  And the later this information is discovered by the other side, the worse it is for the case.  On the flip-side, when this information is revealed to the defendant, their case improves significantly.

Simply put, imagine a defense attorney revealing this information to a jury of your peers. Once that information is placed in the hands of a jury, the jurors go from being your peers to being an ally for the defendant.