Brandon Stein Law: The Power of a Lawyer Negotiating Your Settlement

By: Brandon Stein

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A non-lawyer should never negotiate settlement of a personal injury claim in Florida.  As a lawyer that helps those injured in car accidents or slip and falls in North Miami Beach, I have come to recognize that the value of a claim increases exponentially when an attorney becomes involved.  In fact, many insurance companies will give insultingly low offers to those unrepresented.  Nevertheless, once a Florida personal injury lawyer sends a letter of representation to the insurance company, we have a completely different ball game.

The mentality of insurance companies is that claims must be resolved in the fastest and cheapest way possible.  These two “musts” are easily accomplished when someone injured in a car accident or slip and fall in Florida decides not to retain an attorney.  While I have never worked for an insurance company, I strongly suspect that the “game plan” for a claim changes drastically when it is known that the person injured is attempting to resolve his or her claim on their own without the assistance of a South Florida personal injury lawyer.

A key asset for Pembroke Pines injury attorneys is the possibility that a lawsuit could be filed — which ultimately could lead to trial.  That is an instance where a simple claim could turn into a nightmare for an insurance company because once a lawsuit is filed, legal counsel must be retained and of course paid.  On top of the attorney’s fees that the insurance company would have to dish out, a pricey settlement or verdict is most likely forthcoming as well.  This is the fear factor of every pre-suit claim.

The power that a lawyer has when dealing with insurance companies is the ever-present fear of what may be coming.  An injured person that is “self represented” does not strike fear in the heart of an insurance company.  In actuality, it triggers the exact opposite response.  In that case, the adjuster turns into the predator and its prey is the innocent unrepresented person.

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