Brandon Stein Law: A Million Dollar Case Needs a Million Dollar Injury

Brandon Stein

By: Brandon Stein

If you or someone you know was injured in a slip and fall or car accident, contact our Fort Lauderdale lawyers today.

As a Fort Myers personal injury lawyer, clients injured in car accidents or slip and falls frequently expect to become millionaires and retire off of their case.  Unfortunately, the only way to become a millionaire off of a personal injury case in Florida is when the injury is devastating and severe.  Of no fault of the injured client, they frequently come to see a personal injury lawyer to see how much they can recover from a settlement.  This is not a problem, but can escalate into a problem if the lawyer does not handle the situation properly.

For Naples personal injury lawyers that help those injured from car accidents or slip and falls, managing a client’s expectations for settlement begins before even signing up the case.  It is extremely important to give a prospective client an education on how the personal injury litigation process works.  While some people unfortunately continue to find themselves entrenched within the civil litigation system, most injured clients do not have the slightest idea of how a personal injury case works.

Being a North Miami Beach personal injury lawyer, I typically start off a new relationship with a client by telling them that: “Your case IS what it IS.”  It is vital that a South Florida lawyer’s new client understands that the nature of their settlement will largely depend upon the extent of the injury sustained from the car accident or slip and fall. Million dollar cases have million dollar injuries.  And as I briefly touched upon earlier, a million dollar injury is one that is devastating and debilitating in nature.

While clients typically want their case to become a million dollar case, what they often fail to recognize is that to have a million dollar case a severe injury must come along with it.  But don’t get me wrong, this is never the client’s fault for having these lofty expectations — it is the Florida personal injury attorney’s fault for not properly educating the client on the process and the way it works.


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  1. It is important for all personal injury victims, that they pay close attention to all their Harms and Losses. Even if your injury is not considered “severe”, such things as disfigurement and permanent impairment are important to consider. Has you doctor told you that you may have a life long battle with pain and weakness? Have you been unable to engage in your favorite recreational activites? Has use of prescribed pain medication eased the pain but caused depression, mood alteration, and strained relationships with family and friends? These are some of the things that a potential jury may want to know about, and may result in a larger damages (though not necessarily millions$$$). A herniated disc may be painful, require surgical intervention, and extensive medical care. But what other harms and losses has it caused? The defendants failure to abide by the safety rules that are in place to protect all of us may have caused more harm than is seen in medical evidence. If you have to keep a diary or journal of your daily life since the incident.